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Statsbygg's Objectives and key Strategies 2011-2015

Statsbygg — the Norwegian government’s first choice


Våre objectives and key strategies 2011-2015:

Objective 1. We have satisified and loyal clients

Key strategy:
We shall be ahead and satisfy the client’s needs and expectations, and clearly communicate our strengths to new and existing clients. 

Objective 2. We deliver within budget, on time and to the agreed standard

Key strategy:
We shall guarantee results through systematic work and continuous improvement.


Objective 3. We are a role model for the building, construction and property managment industry

Key strategy:
We shall take a leading role in the building, construction and property management industry in terms of digital tools, accountability, cultural heritage, architectural quality and universal design 

Objective 4. We are environmental leaders

Key strategy:
We shall strive for lower energy consumption, green materials and building locations, and a systematic, internal commitment to the environment.   

Objective 5. We are an attractive employer

Key strategy:
We shall develop, retain and recruit capable employees.